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Hey! great to see you, and so glad you could drop by!

044926682-sabrina-doing-twist-peppermintIf this is your first time here and you’re not sure what this is all about … well, more than anything else it’s about having some fun telling your stories and sharing pictures of things that bring back memories for you.

And, look, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 years old or 81 years old, you’ve still done a bit of living and you’ve still got stories that you can tell us all.  Come’on, you know you have, and you know you’re just dying to, right?  And you know what? the chances are that there are lots of other people here who’ve the same sorts of memories, been to the same places, done the same things.  So let’s share our memories, huh?  (But keep it clean, please–you don’t want to shock the old folks or scare the children, do you?)

And it’s a funny thing, you know, but the older you get the more people ask you silly questions and the more eager you are to have your two-bits-worth in answering.  Questions like … “Grandad, what were hippies?”  Heck, kids these days know nothing, eh?  And “You wore hotpants, Grandma? ugghh! gross!”  And “You mean they really used to cane you in school back in those days?”

And it’s a fact that the more we chat with others about the things we remember, the happier we are.  Honest, scientifically proven.  And happiness, as you know, is sort of infectious.

OK, I guess you’ve got the gist of it by now, so if you’re 13 years old or above why not register for an account (just click ‘Register’ in the sidebar, right), log in, and tell us all about it.  Or pop over to What’s New? and see what other people are talking about.

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