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The Big Connect! has a mission: to connect people together through the sharing of our common memories. Many of our memories will be of books, magazines, comics, etc, we will have read at some moment in our lives. And maybe not just of the books themselves but of the people we were and the things we were doing in our lives at that time. Wouldn’t it be nice to browse them again? and to share those memories with others?

So The Big Connect! project also has an ambition. As a small organisation, The Big Connect! cannot compete–and would never attempt to compete–with long-established giants like Project Gutenberg and Open Library. But that’s not what we’re about. We want to do something a little bit different: we want to digitise and make freely available online those publications that have personal meaning for you. Your old school books, for example (even your old school exercise books!) … or comics you enjoyed as a kid … or the gestetnered fanzine of your favourite band … whatever you would like to share with others.

So if you have a publication you would like to share, why not tell us all about it by filling in the form at the bottom of this page?  If we like it, we’ll then tell you how you can upload it to The Big Connect! Digital Book Collection.

Curator’s note: All books reproduced in The Big Connect! are either in the public domain or published with the consent of the copyright holder.

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Magazines and newspapers

Boy's Own PaperBoy’s Own Paper No.335

Title: Boy’s Own Paper
Date of publication: 13th June 1885
Edition: Issue number 335
Binding: Paper
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Fantasio194Fantasio No.194

Title: Fantasio
Publisher: Félix Juven, 1 rue de Choiseul, Paris, France
Date of publication: 15th February 1915
Binding: Paper
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The SecundrianThe Secundrian Vol. 17 No. 45

Title: The Secundrian
Publisher: Portsmouth Southern Grammar School for Boys, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Date of publication: Summer, 1965
Binding: Paper
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School texts

The Road To Reading The Road To Reading

Author: McKay, Herbert
Title: The Road To Reading : First Grade – The First Book Of Fables
Publisher: Oxford University Press, London, United Kingdom
Year of publication: 1934
Edition: First Edition, reprinting
Binding: Cloth covers
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BonjourBonjour Number 1, October 1963

Title: Bonjour
Publisher: Mary Glasgow, London, United Kingdom
Creation date: October 1963
Volumes / dates issued: Still published.
Frequency of publication: Nine issues a year, monthly from Octobre to June.
Physical description: 8 pages
Binding: Paper
Language: French
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Two-TypesThe Two Types

Title: The Two Types
Date of publication: 1945
Edition: First edition
Binding: Paper
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Children’s books

Happy FamiliesHappy Families

Author: Bradburne, Elizabeth Sutton, and Voller, Kathleen
Title: Happy Families
Publisher: Blandford Press, London, United Kingdom
Year of publication: 1950
Edition: First edition
Binding: Hardback
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Do you have a book you would like to contribute?  We’d love to hear from you, and would be happy to publish a facsimile of any book that is out of copyright or for which you have obtained copyright clearance.  Tell us about it in the form below, and we’ll let you know whether we can publish it here or not.

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